Business Foundations: Negotiating purchase of business & property

If you are facing a complex business transaction, whether as the buyer, the seller or an investor, you can greatly increase your odds of success by getting knowledgeable guidance from the very start.

Recently Laboski Law represented the buyer of a large industrial property and business in Bucks County. The process of purchasing both the business assets and real estate involved a series of complex transactions and preparing precise documents that clarified responsibilities and key points of the sale. Gavin drafted the purchase agreement, non-competition and non-solicitation agreement and an employment contract for a key existing employee. To help ensure the new owner's success, Gavin also negotiated and drafted an agreement that the seller direct future business to the buyer.

"While the process from signing the agreement to closing took several months, it was rewarding to complete the transaction and share the new owner's excitement about operating his new business," said Gavin. "I'm confident that he will succeed and proud to be a part of yet another client's success story."

When you are purchasing or launching a business, we at Laboski Law see the parts of the big picture that even experienced entrepreneurs can miss, and we pull them all together for you. With more small businesses failing every year than are launching (, this is not where you want to pinch pennies. In fact, our clients have told us that our negotiations and oversight have saved them far more than our fees by catching issues before they could create significant and costly problems. We're passionate about helping you achieve your personal and business goals and protecting your interests every step of the way.

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