Laboski Law Obtains Zoning Variances

Gavin Laboski recently represented property owners in Bucks County seeking approval for an in-law accessory dwelling in their home. In a unanimous decision the Zoning Hearing Board granted dimensional variances that will pave the way for Gavin's clients to proceed with remodeling their home and allowing their parents to reside with them.

As our population ages it is becoming more common for property owners to make provisions for their parents to reside in their homes. Local municipalities throughout Pennsylvania regulate improvements to property to accommodate in-law dwellings or in-law suites. Homeowners should seek legal advice before spending money on developing architectural plans or taking other steps to implement the plan to add to their property for in-laws and other loved ones.

Municipalities regulate such things as minimum lot size, property line setbacks, water and sewer availability and in some cases may prohibit the use entirely in certain zoning districts. Gavin Laboski has extensive experience in representing property owners throughout Bucks and Montgomery County in analyzing zoning ordinances and representing parties in proceedings before zoning hearing boards and boards of supervisors seeking zoning and other relief.

If you have a zoning or land use question, call  Gavin at 215-536-3800.

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