Finding creative solutions to your legal issues.

For some of us, our real estate is our home and our most valuable personal asset. For others, it is but one facet of our business. To achieve the best outcome from the opportunities and challenges that buying, selling and owning real estate offer, look to Gavin Laboski for knowledgeable legal counsel. Indulging a passion for land-use and real-property law, Gavin understands the often cumbersome requirements, decodes “regulations-speak,” explains the implications of the choices available to you and finds creative legal solutions when you can’t see a way around a property issue. 

Land Development and Zoning

Developing property in Southeastern Pennsylvania is complicated and at times contentious. Municipalities and governmental agencies work hard to make sure that the beauty and environmental health of our region are protected. Balancing this interest with a property owner’s desire to maximize the use of their property requires counsel that is familiar with the laws regulating land development and land use. Gavin has appeared before governing bodies and zoning hearing boards in nearly every municipality in Bucks County and has worked on projects and gained approvals for apartment complexes, medical offices, single-family homes and industrial properties.

Real Estate Litigation

Property disputes are common in Bucks County. For your best outcome in disputes over property lines, shared driveways, easements and other real estate issues, don’t rely on lawyers who are not practicing in this area on a regular basis. Gavin has tried-to-verdict and litigated a multitude of complicated real property disputes while a partner at one of Bucks County’s preeminent law firms focusing on real estate matters. 

Real Estate Transactions and Leasing

Buying real estate usually represents an individual’s or business’s largest financial transaction. From a first home, to the purchase of vacant land for development, to relocating a large manufacturer to its new industrial headquarters, Gavin has handled all types of real estate transactions. From the due diligence and evaluation of the suitability of the property through closing, having experience on your side is critical.

Homeowner and Condominium Associations

Condominiums and other planned communities are prominent in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The issues that arise in these forms of ownership are becoming more and more complicated and the need for knowledgeable legal counsel is paramount to the success of a community. The property management companies and boards that operate these communities need attentive counsel available at a moment’s notice. From drafting and interpreting declarations to addressing disputes and collecting overdue assessments, Gavin proudly represents dozens of communities throughout the region.

Farming and Agriculture

Bucks County and the surrounding region have a long history of farming and agriculture. With increasing development across the region and changes in the way farmers farm their land, new legal issues have arisen. In addition, the farming community faces challenges concerning environmental regulations, conservation easements and other preservation programs, tax exemptions, local zoning, subdivision and land development ordinances and new federal laws and regulations.

Our region is seeing the rise of new and young farmers eager to start small yet bountiful farms. The local food movement is taking hold. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is fast becoming a household term, and growing numbers of farmers markets are popping up to bring healthy, locally grown food to consumers.

Gavin is passionate about ensuring that Bucks County farmers, producers, restaurateurs, brewers and vintners continue to be productive and successful. He has provided counsel and advice to new and experienced farmers alike to help them navigate the legal issues that they face in this arena. Gavin also devotes his time as a volunteer board member of the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance, a non-profit organization devoted to helping create and promote a vibrant local food economy.