New Solicitor to Airport Authority

Photo By: Matthew Fournier

Gavin replaces longtime BCAA solicitor Geoff Graham, who wished to retire.

Bucks County Airport Authority has appointed Gavin Laboski as its solicitor, providing legal support to the Authority as it fulfills responsibilities to the aviation community.
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The BCAA owns and operates Doylestown Airport and Quakertown Airport—significant elements of the transportation infrastructure of the county. The airports provide safe, convenient, efficient access to air transportation for businesses and individuals located within the county. The Authority also assists Bucks County Parks and Recreation in its management of the aviation aspects of Van Sant Airport and Park in Tinicum Township.
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The 5-member Authority board meets on the second Wednesday evening of each month at either the Doylestown Airport or the Quakertown Airport.
Gavin replaces longtime solicitor (and pilot) Geoff Graham, who wished to retire from the post but wanted to make sure he was replaced by someone he trusted to take it on and do a good job for the Authority, area pilots and the community.
“Over the course of 2020, I attended a few Authority meetings to learn how the board functions, what its main issues are and how my skills and experience would suit the Authority’s needs,” says Gavin.
“I’m excited about working in a field that’s new to me but works well with my skill set and experience.”