Personal Counsel

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Free half-hour, no-obligation consultation

What can you do when you aren’t sure if a burning concern rises to the level that it requires legal representation? Mindful of the emotional and financial stresses of hiring or even speaking to a lawyer, sitting down with Gavin for a no-charge initial consultation can help you determine if you should retain a lawyer to protect your rights, defend a legal matter or resolve a dispute. Sometimes a short and direct conversation is all you need to point you in the right direction. Laboski Law believes that access and answers to these questions should be available to everyone and not just to those that can afford it.

Free half-hour, no-obligation consultation

Trusted, skilled legal support

Gavin’s four years as a prosecutor in the Bucks County’s District Attorney’s office and his 20 years in private practice since then have finely honed his trial skills—should you require a proven trial attorney. At the same time, his insight, training and experience as a mediator have developed his ability to recognize and provide effective alternatives to resolving a dispute, if appropriate to your situation and objectives.

Many of Gavin’s business and real estate clients turn to him for advice and representation when personal matters arise, trusting his listening skills, legal knowledge and candor.