An effective mediator listens well and sees all aspects of a dispute.

More and more disputes are being resolved through alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation and arbitration. Lawyers and their clients on different sides of a dispute may recognize that under certain circumstances litigation is not in anyone’s best interest and may well be unnecessary to achieve a fair resolution. At this point, lawyers seek an objective mediator who is well-versed in the legal aspects of the matter under consideration and whom all parties trust to be fair and impartial. Often the experienced and impartial mediator they go to for his expertise and proven results is Gavin Laboski.

Sometimes agreements, between parties or set by a judge, require mediation—where parties retain the right to agree or disagree with the recommended settlement—or arbitration—where parties agree to accept the arbitrator’s decision.

In addition to having represented parties in all forms of alternative dispute resolutions, Gavin was trained as a mediator at the Centers for Resolution in Media, Pennsylvania. He currently serves as an approved mediator on behalf of the Bucks County Association of Realtors. With Gavin serving as a neutral mediator or arbitrator, you are getting an experienced professional with a practical approach to resolving disputes.