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Gavin Laboski is not your typical lawyer and Laboski Law is not your typical law firm. When other lawyers are engaging in arguments amongst themselves or wasting their client's hard-earned money "practicing," Gavin is busy getting results.

He prides himself on finding solutions and cutting through all the noise to provide the best outcome for his clients. Whether his clients are seeking help with a problem or guidance as they take on an exciting initiative, Gavin works tirelessly to deliver value and communicate options clearly and unambiguously.

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“My whole approach to the practice of law has always been about service,” says Gavin Laboski of Laboski Law. “People generally come to me in one of two situations: They have a problem and need help, or they want to create something and need help. That means I’m there for them at their most difficult times in life or their most exciting times.

“In short, I like helping people, and this is a service business."